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An In-Depth Guide to Buying Corner Sofas for Living Room

What’s a Corner Sofa?

This is a corner sofa that runs parallel to the couch and is a great way to maximize a small living space. Corner sofas are ideal for comfortably seating around 5 to 7 people and can be ideally located in the corner of the lounge, freeing up extra space for other furnishings and furniture items. They are perfect for large families or those who like to entertain guests, as it allows many people to sit comfortably in a small space. Furniture decoration is perfect for intimate conversations between spouses and friends. It’s also a spacious place to cuddle with the kids.

Why Should You Choose a Corner Sofa?

Corner sofas are an effective way to make the most of your space. They don’t take up as much space as regular sofas and chairs, so they offer plenty of seating. In addition, you can push them into the corners, which means that they will open up more space in the middle of the room, and the room will become wider and more spacious. Corner sofas are a great place to relax and enjoy the corner view. We all love the social aspect of corner sofas.

A corner sofa can bring everyone together, whether it’s a family or a group of friends watching a movie or talking. A large, comfortable sofa will be your favorite piece of furniture in the living room that you don’t want to use any chairs.

Complete Guide to Buying Corner Sofas for Living Room

Any comfortable living room is incomplete without a sofa set. After a long, tiring day at work, there is nothing better than coming home, turning on the TV and relaxing on the sofa with the family. We have a selection that ranges from oversized to compact, small corner sofas, all designed to provide amazing comfort and space for the whole family. 

In this article, we’ll cover in-depth which sofa set you should buy. We’ve put together our top buyer’s guide to the corner sofa.

Measure Your Space

Corner sofas are a wonderful invention for busy homes because they allow you to spread out, they can zone an open-plan space and they can comfortably squeeze many people (and pets).

Your first step when buying a corner sofa is to make sure that your sofa will fit in your home. Measure the width, height and depth, even use masking tape to map out the space on the floor if you need to, to make sure the sofa will fit. Remember to leave space on either side of a side table or standing lamp along both walls, especially if placing your sofa in the corner of your room.

Pick Your Style

There are many different corner sofa styles to suit every home. Let’s walk through the designs:

1. Angled Corner Sofa

If you have an awkward corner to fill, an irregularly shaped room or are looking for something special, you need an angled sofa. An angled corner sofa offers flexible seating that is ideal for family homes when many of you will want to relax in front of the TV. The idea is to design a sofa that fits perfectly into your living space. If you have a large living space that needs filling or you want to make the most of your small living room, consider a corner sofa.

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2. Modular Sofa

Modular corner sofas offer great flexibility and ensure you maximize every inch of your living space. The best thing with a modular sofa is that you can personalize it according to your needs and taste. Simply browse our large selection of styles and covers and get the sofa you’ve always dreamed of, and adapt it later if your needs or tastes change.

3. U-Shaped Sofa

Built to fill the largest of rooms, the U-shaped corner sofa is perfect for large families, lots of pets, and just being around in general. The best thing about these U-shaped sofas is that they have two corners, making it a favorite seating area for everyone. And there will be a debate about who is sitting where. Our U-shaped sofas are customizable which means you can add a sofa bed, chaise, or electric recliner to really stretch out.

Material or Fabric

Structures are regularly the most straightforward to coordinate with your style. In any case, if you are redesigning your sofa and currently have a stylistic layout of your home, it is usually best to look for a textured sofa to match the style and shade of your front room. It’s very easy to do. Browse energizing greens through soothing creams in our awesome range of texture coaches on the web and in store.

From pure linen, soft wool to luxurious velvet and warm leather, the fabric you choose for your corner sofa will have a huge impact on the feel of your space and the look of your room. As a staple piece of furniture that family and friends will be constantly sitting on, reclining on, and curling up on, your corner sofa is crying out for a fabric that will hold up well over time. If you want your corner sofa to look as good as new for years to come, look for family-friendly fabrics that are both stain-resistant and offer extra durability.

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Where to Position your Sofa?

There is no rule that says a corner sofa needs to stay in the corner! It can easily be displayed in the middle of a room, between two rooms or in a single room. Choosing a sofa depending on the length of the room enhances the flow of the entire space. Corner sofas can work great in the center of your room or to one side.

This is highly dependent on the size and shape of your room though, and works best if you have an open-plan space, which helps divide the room into functional areas. We recommend getting a measuring tape and finding the length and width of your front room before looking for your new sofa. Another helpful tip is to spread out the daily papers where you want your new furniture to be!

Add Accessories 

The final step is to style your corner sofa. If you’ve gone for a neutral-colored sofa, introduce texture with lots of fur throws and cushions with embroidered details. Alternatively, if you’ve gone for a bolder color for your corner sofa, pick up that color in your rugs, art and accessories to add depth to your decorating scheme. Your goal is to make sure all of your accessories work together to make the space feel complete.

You’ll need to buy a sofa that not only looks and fits great, but you also want to make sure it’s something you’ll be able to keep in your home for a long time to come. We have a wonderful collection of rugs, cushions, ottomans and footstools to suit your living room.

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