How to Measure a Corner Sofa – Complete Guide 2023

Today, we’re diving into a topic that has puzzled many sofa shoppers and home decorators alike: How to accurately measure a corner sofa. Whether you’re moving into a new space or looking to revamp your living room with a stunning new corner sofa, accurate measurements are your best friend in ensuring that your new furniture piece fits perfectly. Without further ado, let’s embark on this enlightening journey together to navigate through the process of measuring and selecting your ideal 6 seater corner sofa.

How to Measure a Corner Sofa

Step 1: Your Space, Your Canvas

First things first: where will your new comfy corner be? Use a tape measure to find out the exact dimensions of the area where you want your sofa to live. Remember, it’s not only about the length but also considering the depth to avoid blocking pathways.

Step 2: Orientation – Left or Right?

Let’s decide which direction your sofa should face: left or right. Consider room features like windows, doors, and power outlets. Think of it as placing an item in your favorite game – it needs to be just right!

Step 3: Wall-Length Wonders

Next up, measure the length of your longest wall. This ensures your sofa won’t be competing with other items for space and everything harmonizes in your room. A well-measured space equals a spacious-feeling room!

Step 4: Corner to Wall Calibration

Now, measure the distance from the corner (where your sofa will snuggle) to the other wall. This is crucial for making sure your new furniture doesn’t block any essential areas or become an accidental tripping hazard.

Step 5: Height Matters Too!

Not to be neglected – the height of your room! Ensure that your sofa doesn’t cramp your style (or your space) vertically. A proportionate sofa height to room height ratio ensures a cozy, yet uncluttered environment.

Step 6: Pathway Parade

Ensure your gorgeous sofa isn’t a struggle to get inside! Measure hallways, doorways, and any tricky turns from the delivery truck to your living room. You might need to rearrange some things temporarily to create a smooth path.

Step 7: The Grand Comparison

 Compare your careful measurements to the dimensions of your dream sofa. Are they a match made in heaven? If not, adjustments might be needed, or a different sofa might steal your heart.

Tips for Measuring a Corner Sofa

Here are some seasoned tips to ensure you get the measurements right:

  • Account for Movement: Remember that some sofas may have moving parts, like recliners. Account for extra space to ensure functionality isn’t hindered.
  • Measure Doorways: It’s a common oversight! Ensure that your dream 5-seater sofa can make it through the doorways and hallways leading to your living space.
  • Professional Help: Don’t hesitate to seek help from a professional if the process becomes too daunting.
  • Online Resources: Utilize online platforms for virtual try-outs. Some retailers offer AR tools to visualize the sofa in your space.

In wrapping up, I’ll impart a final nugget of wisdom: Patience and thoroughness in this process will undoubtedly pay off, ensuring that your new corner sofa becomes a beloved and fitting addition to your space. May your sofa-shopping adventures be smooth and your future lounging be endlessly comfortable!

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