Styling Ideas to Dress & Decorate Round Coffee Tables

When styling a round coffee table, we always group the table into a triangle to make it visually appealing and full of dimensions. Fill your vases with fresh flowers and greens. It brings a living, natural element into space and gives you something to work on.

Here we are going to show you how to style a coffee table in different ways.

Round Tray, Books, and Decor

  • You need a Large round tray that covers at least 1/2 of the table surface
  • Medium-sized books
  • Leafy green and candle
  • Glass or metallic tray

Due to the repetitive circles, it feels like an integrated collection even though a lot is going on. This makes for an excellent vignette that offers both organic and geometric shapes.

Rectangle Tray, Books, and Decor

  • You need a Rectangular tray
  • Candlesticks for height
  • Variety of coffee table books
  • Colorful ceramic vase

Trays keep small items grounded, so they don’t look too dirty. This setup is great if you want to change your decor frequently, as the tray can be constantly rearranged and seasonally updated.

How to Dress a Coffee Table

You’ve finally found the perfect coffee table for your living room or family room. Now, all you have to do is pop it with the right mix of decorative accents. Assembling accessories and deciding how to place them properly can be difficult, the key is to focus on a setup that suits your style. It doesn’t matter if you have a wide range of items for display or if you are attracted to a more sleek setup.

Display Some Fresh Florals

Fresh flowers can make all the difference in one place. If your living room needs papaya food, choose a bouquet of pink flowers. Fake flowers that look realistic will also work. An artful vase on hand will also add vital style.

Styled Corners

This is quite an art and involves styling all the corners of your desk. Play with different objects, art, books, etc. But keep them in the same weight visually. A centerpiece can also help pull this shape together, so go and play with your design ideas.

Flip Open a Book

Use these coffee table books to open a favorite and bookmark the page that you particularly enjoy. This will encourage guests to take a look at the collection of your favorite topics instead of looking at them as decorative items on display. We also like the idea of ​​using chic wooden chains as paperweights.

Light It Up

Keep these candles and diffusers on display so that you are ready to make your home a fragrant haven at any time. Drawing perfume on a tray is a great way to keep your setup nice and clean. Don’t feel like you have to stop at just one candle, or feel free to set up a whole collection so that there is always something different.

Showcase a Collection

If you collect small items from your favorite restaurant, such as matchbooks – go ahead and set up a special display on your coffee table. Matchbooks are especially ideal because they come in handy when having fun, but when friends stop, they are also quick to start a conversation.

Keep it Simple

Simple is not equal to disinfection. If you are not inclined to style every inch of your coffee table, fine. Choose a few pieces that describe different heights and textures, and you’ll be golden.

Bring Nature Indoors

Branches and berries are great festivals to put on the coffee table during the holiday season. Put some in a big dish and you are ready. Spirits keep live branches watered throughout the week to make them look good and fresh.

Ways to Decorate Your Coffee Table

No matter the size of your living room, a coffee table is a multi-functional piece that always deserves a place. And the coffee table decor you choose can work to pull the whole room together or make a dramatic statement. Or, at the very least, serve as a convenient place for this glass of wine (or even your tired feet!).

Embrace Flower Power

Never underestimate the effects of a bright bouquet in a delicate vase paired with a stylish stack of magazines as a coffee table decoration. The face geometric vase and a large hardcover book add interesting texture without breaking the palette. This leaves room for the bright pop of colorful flowers to warm up the space by taking center stage.

Easy Elegant Book Stack with Gold Accent Art

Extraordinarily brilliant. This is how we summarize this coffee table display. Not to be outdone by the magnificent and elegant sofas, the gold accents and the selective colors all work together because they are expertly layered. Do this by clustering elements such as a B&W book stack a gold tray and a hand sculpture together.

Ultra Functional Storage Table with Decorative Natural Elements

If your living room is exposed to a sea of ​​toys, work equipment, or other miscellaneous items, you need a coffee table with storage. Guaranteed they’re all packed with drawers, but you’ll never know because they look so cute and buttoned up! Simple baskets and botanical accents are all you need to get everything together.

Fashion-Friendly Marble-topped Coffee Table with Touches of Gold

Marble and gold is a combination we’re seeing more and more, and that’s great. This table has a beautiful gold base and light marble top which is mainly sought after for these fashion books. White ceramics like pineapple are a great compliment, and gold burst is a nice touch. Don’t forget the flowers! All you need is a simple crystal bouquet.

Glass and Gold Tray Display on a Marble-topped Table

Wood + marble + glass = beautiful every time. We like that gold-encrusted candle holders reflect light in the same way that a round bouquet of water does. There is a really good harmony. The bell jar is a great way to display a focal point, and everything is neat in a simple wooden tray.

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