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Sofa Cum Bed

Cheapest Sofa Bed Uk

Original price was: £ 1,100.Current price is: £ 900.


Sofa Cum Bed

Corner Sofa CumBed

Original price was: £ 800.Current price is: £ 630.

6 Seater Corner Sofa

Designer Sofa cum bed

£ 450

6 Seater Corner Sofa

Diamond Sofa Cum Bed

£ 450

Sofa Cum Bed

Fabric Sofa Cum Bed

£ 480

7 Seater Corner Sofa

Master Sofa Cum Bed

£ 450

6 Seater Corner Sofa

Modern Sofa Cum Bed

£ 450

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Designer Sofa Cum Bed for Sale London, Uk

Reliable vendors and manufacturers offer UK style sofa cum beds made of the finest quality materials that are guaranteed to be durable and long lasting. The sofa is suitable for indoor and outdoor recreation. This sofa is made with two complementary cushions as well as a well-designed and elegant cushion cover to match every color and design of your desired sofa bed.

The sofa bed foam consists of a fiber and sponge mattress covered with the finest quality fabric and the frame of the sofa bed is solid non-rust metal. Our company offers stylish, premium and comfortable and equally scaled corner sofa cum beds, diamond, fabric, modern, master as well as wood and sleepwell sofas and much more.

Sit, Lie Down Or Store Things - Our Sofa Beds Multitask Like No Other!

Our sofa beds provide a comfortable place for you and your guests to sit or sleep, so if you need a sofa bed that will keep your guests happy throughout the night, this is the best option for a moderate price. This will give you a place to rest and relax during the day and an easy place to sleep at night. Some models also come with built-in storage and drawers for storing which makes it an incredibly efficient piece of furniture.

It can be classified in different ways including frame and cushion material, capacity and popular sofas design.

→ Diamond sofa cum bed is a popular brand of sofas and bedding. Made with love, care and the highest protection method, gives you peace and comfort.

→ The sleepwell sofa uses a light but sturdy piece of cum bed furniture. When used as a mattress, it has a strong side to support your back needs.

→ The Luxury corner sofa is perfect for a family to gather together and sit in comfort, with plenty of space for everyone, plus some friends.

Frame Material of Sofa Cum Bed

The frame is the hard and sturdy part of the sofa come bed material, which makes up its legs and base. The frame holds the cushions and mattresses in position and is responsible for taking the weight of the people that may sit or sleep on the sofa come to bed.


Wood is easy to get and work with, and cheaper than other types of materials. While natural wood has the power to design a sturdy wooden sofa set.


It is the second most used material for sofa frames. It provides a much stronger and stiffer framework than other materials and is mostly used in foldable parts of sofa cum beds.

Cushion material

Cushion material is responsible for the comfort and the look of the sofa bed.

L shaped sofa come bed

The L-shaped sofa are also called loungers, and they offer the user the option to change the sleeping position from right to the left.The lounge usually has a capacity of 3 seats or more. The L-shaped sofa saves less bed space while it is a sofa and can be quickly turned into a bed in minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sofa Like Bed Called?

A sofa bed, also known as a sleeper sofa or convertible sofa. it is is a piece of furniture that works as a couch but can be turned into a bed. It has a metal frame and a thin mattress hidden under its cushions.

What is a Kissing Couch?

A kissing couch, also called a tête-à-tête sofa, is a special type of furniture made for cozy talks. It usually has two seats connected with an armrest or curved back, letting two people sit facing each other closely.

Is a Sofa Bed Comfortable?

The comfort of a sofa bed can vary depending on factors like its design, mattress quality, and personal preference. Some people find sofa beds comfortable for occasional use, but they may not offer the same level of comfort as a regular bed for long-term sleeping.

What is a Bunk Sofa?

A bunk sofa is a type of furniture that combines a sofa or couch with a bunk bed. It typically features a sofa on the lower level that can convert into a bed, with a bunk bed positioned above it. This setup saves space, making it great for small rooms or when you need extra sleeping spots.