Ambassador Bed Frame For Sale UK

The base of the Ambassador is padded and upholstered and its texture and frame are different from other beds as its frame sits on modern chrome and similar fabrics have been used to make it more elegant and unique. Its frame is much larger than the standard beds constructed from solid hardwood and strong materials, with the Chester Field design built with modern twists suitable for bedrooms and decoration estimates.

Our Large Fabric Collection

It is available in color variations according to all personal styles and tastes. Easy flat pack, soft to touch, dark color scheme, high-quality velour finish makes it easy to adapt to any bedroom style. Its frame also contains classic deep matching buttons all around, including footboards and side rails. This is a bed of choice for those who want a lasting experience.

In our variety of premium fabric choices, including Crushed Velvet, Plain Velvet (Plush), and Chenille (Fabric material) you can purchase ambassador beds. We store all popular grey, silver, cream or black, mustard and brown materials for all our handmade beds.

Available with under-Bed Storage

This is a gas lift storage bed that will lift the mattress on powerful pistons (allowing easy access to your storage space) just by pulling on the fabric strap at the bottom of the bed and will reveal the storage area below. The gas lifting mechanism provides comfortable access to your luggage and prevents the baseless storage bed from overfilling. You can use the entire space under the mattress to store your belongings.

Types of Unique Ambassador Beds

We have a wide range of beds, all beds are unique in terms of their beauty, comfort, and under-bed storage. Customers' demands are taken into consideration before designing each bed. Different types of ambassador bed along with their specifications are mentioned below.

Ambassador Chesterfield Bed

Ambassador Chesterfield Bed is engineered with a modern twist, and helps to beautify any bedroom. It has a Solid wood frame and metal fittings to ensure strength and longevity.

Jensen Ambassador Bed

This is one of Jensen's most popular products these days. The ambassador provides a unique sleep in a beautiful wrapping.

Luxury Ambassador Bed

Luxury Ambassador Bed has an attractive design with diamante or buttons all over and a solidly crafted wooden base for mattress support.

Park Lane Bed

Park lane beds have chunkier sides and footboards that give them a really luxurious feel and are much larger than other traditional designs.

Royal Ambassador Beds

This grand bed boasts elegance and luxury consisting of deep chesterfield upholstery and is much larger than other standard beds.

Sareer Beds

The darker button of the Sareer bed features a headboard that offers a comfortable backrest, while its low footboard enhances the sense of space.