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£ 250

Coffee Table

Trunk Coffee Table Uk

£ 250

Extendable Coffee Table for Sale UK

Coffee tables are incredibly practical pieces of furniture, they complement the overall look of your living space and double as a multi-functional storage solution. That's why we've got the best materials and designs to bring you a full and diverse collection to compliment every style and decor. Here are some key tips to make sure you choose the perfect coffee table for your space and needs.

Things to Consider Before Buying Coffee Tables

Before deciding on a coffee table, think about how you plan to use your new furniture. If your new coffee table is moving to the family room, you may want to go for a strong wooden coffee table. If you have young children, keep an eye on the sharp edges, a modern circular coffee table may be more suitable. Large or full-length coffee tables make for great statement pieces, so take the time to complement the other furniture in your room by paying close attention to the style, color and material.

Coffee Table Sizes

Choose the size of your coffee table according to the size of your room to make sure everything is running smoothly. Find a coffee table that is equal to or slightly smaller than your sofa seating cushion. In terms of height, your coffee table should be smaller than your sofa, so that your view is not obstructed, and it is easy to move around the table and sofa.

Coffee Table Shapes

Go for oval or rectangular coffee table sets in smaller rooms as these are more smooth shapes that can be squeezed to the corners. However, if you have the luxury of space, sit at a large square or round table that everyone can sit around. Of all the shapes, round and oval coffee tables are the most child friendly because their corners are not sharp.

Wooden Coffee Tables with Storage

Coffee tables with drawers and shelves will maximize storage capacity, this is especially helpful if you enjoy a cluttered space. A square coffee table offers an ideal surface for playing board games, especially useful during the summer and holidays. If you have an informal menu or are offered snacks and finger food, a large glass table can double as a dining space.

Living Room Furniture to Match Your Coffee Table

Once you've selected your coffee table, complete it with a matching sideboard or dresser for further storage, the upper level can also be used to display your favorite jewelry. If you need more display rooms, a display unit or glass cabinet will provide you enough shelves to show off your most precious memories, they will also add glamor to your room. Practical and stylish in every way, our excellent range comes in Fabric, Leather Effect, Knitted and Moroccan - enough choice for every decor.