What Kind of Wardrobe are You Looking for?

Cabinets and wardrobes are an important part of our bedroom. They provide us with the essentials for a busy lifestyle. Some are double as glass, some have bedroom drawers, but each bedroom needs one (or two!) wardrobes that are necessary to keep your space organized and functional.

Whether you choose a double (2) door or a triple (3) door closet, you can definitely find one to fit in your bedroom. Choose from a variety of wardrobes we are selling in the UK, whether you're looking for something functional, portable or something more advanced - you'll find it with us.

What Are the Best Material Finishes for Wardrobes?

Wardrobe's design, colors and exterior finishes greatly enhance the overall decor of the bedroom. There are many options for finishes, each with its own unique shape and texture at cheap and reasonable prices. Here's a guide to completing the most popular levels that should be a little easier to choose from.

>> Laminate is commonly used for cupboards because of its advantages such as high durability, water resistance, cost effectiveness and low maintenance, plus it is easy to clean.

>> Mirror finishing is an attractive way to visually increase the size of the room and increase the illusion of space.

>> Give a sense of lightness to the glass door panels in the closet door panels instead of the traditional solid door panels.

>> Metal brushes are also used on wardrobe door panels.

What's the Best Wardrobe Size for Your Bedroom?

The wardrobe you need depends on how big your room is and how many clothes you need to keep. Consider whether other bedroom furniture, such as a bed, baby cot, and chest of drawers, fit your wardrobe. Single or double wardrobes, with one or two doors, are perfect for small spaces. There are also three and four door options.

In general, the larger the door, the larger the closet will be due to the extra compartments. And the bigger the closet, the more hanging space you have.

Color Group

Wardrobes are also available in different and customized colors. Discover our new range of colors here. Combine your new wardrobe with the style of your bedroom and keep things permanent. Oak, Walnut and Pine are modern in style, with rustic touches, while white closets are the perfect complement to any Scandinavian-style bedroom. For a slightly different tech, a black or mirrored wardrobe might be the perfect fit for a sleek and luxurious feel.

Types of Wardrobes

1. Single door wardrobes
2. Double door wardrobes
3. Triple door wardrobes
4. Four door wardrobes

Wardrobes with 2, 3 or 4 doors are available with mirrors, wood or sliding. From simple and slim to mirrored and multi-door, there are many choices that can keep your clothes neat, clean.

Mirrored Wardrobes

Mirrored wardrobes are truly one of the best multifunctional pieces of furniture you have. Not only will this give you space to hang all your seasonal clothes, but it will double like a full-length mirror, without the extra floor space. Our mirror wardrobes come in a range of different widths, so even these small rooms can benefit from them.

Sliding Wardrobes

Our range of sliding wardrobes is a stylish storage option. Sliding closet sets are customizable, so you can add or remove components to find solutions to suit your needs, and sliding closet doors come in a variety of functions, including mirrored sliding doors. They make the most of space and with their simple gliding closure, these cabinets are practical in compact rooms.

Corner Wardrobes

If you need more space than one offer, you can choose a corner closet. They attach to the wall and make the most of unused corner space. Fraudulent, it's a great option for a small bedroom, or a weird looking one, like a guest bedroom in a modified loft.