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Anton Sofa Bed for Sale in London, UK

The Anton is a contemporary corner sofa bed with storage and a pull-out bed. This is a comfortable piece of furniture that is perfect for relaxing while drinking tea. Each piece will be unique due to its exquisite design and flawless functionality. The Anton large corner unit combines comfort and functionality to provide you with the best sofa bed. Storage room and adjustable headrests are also included with this chic, modern corner sofa bed. Large families, as well as couples and lone individuals who enjoy stretching out on the couch, will love this roomy corner sofa!

Crucial Elements of Anton Sofa

  1. Headrests that may be adjusted
  2. Under-seat storage
  3. Solid Wood Frame
  4. Soft Polyester Upholstery
  5. Foam-filled Cushions

Details and Overview

The Anton Corner Sofa Bed is a stunning piece from Sofa's Cabin's upholstery line that offers affordable luxury, style, and craftsmanship that is ideal for any modern or contemporary house. A foam seat inside that has been properly developed combines foam retention with fiber comfort. The Anton corner sofa bed in faux leather and fabric is the ideal balance of design and comfort. a modern, functional sofa bed with space for storage.

  1. Black and gray, all gray, and white and gray are the three color options.
  2. Folding headrests
  3. Legs in polished chrome nowadays
  4. Include images of each pillow
  5. This sofa has a storage container in addition to being a sofa and a bed

Material of Our Leather/Fabric Anton Sofa Bed

The most popular suspension method for anton sofa beds is sinuous springs. Although springs are used in couches for a multitude of reasons, comfort and support are the main ones. The majority of living room furniture no longer has hard, flat surfaces, and today's cushions are supported by mechanisms that do so without being uncomfortable or inflexible.

Whether from years of sitting, lying, or the occasional jumping when your two-year-old thinks you're not looking, springs are designed to cushion the impact. You can make sure that your couch or armchair withstands the regular use you and your family will put it through by using the appropriate springs for your daily household use.


  • Width: 273 cm
  • Depth: 203 cm
  • Height: 60 cm - 70 cm
  • Sleeping Area: 193 x 125 cm

    Delivery Information

    We sell and deliver high quality equipment throughout the UK. Please be aware that we provide standard delivery for this item (1-1.5 weeks). Remember that we always get in touch with our customers to confirm details once every order is placed. In order to fulfill your orders for goods or services from us and to uphold our contractual duties, we also gather information about you. In case you have any questions, don't be afraid to contact.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I sleep on a sofa bed every night?

    Sleeping on a sofa bed every night isn't ideal. They're fine for occasional use, but they might not be comfy for regular sleep. It's best to have a proper bed for better rest and health.

    Which is better sofa or sofa bed?

    It depends on your needs:

  • For everyday seating comfort, choose a sofa.
  • For versatility only

    How do I choose a comfortable sofa bed?

    To pick a comfy sofa bed:

  • Try out the mattress to see if it feels nice.
  • Make sure the frame is strong and the sofa bed opens and closes easily.
  • Look for a sofa bed with memory foam or a good mattress for better support.