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£ 120£ 330

£ 120£ 330

Divan bed

Divan Guest Bed

£ 120£ 330

£ 120£ 330

£ 120£ 330

£ 120£ 330

Divan bed

Luxury Divan Bed

£ 120£ 330

£ 120£ 330

£ 120£ 330

Divan Bed for Sale UK

3ft: Single
Without Matress

4ft/4ft6: DOUBLE
Without Matress

Without Matress

Without Matress
With Mattress

With_all_memory_sprung mattresses

1 drawer
2 drawers
Full memory foam mattress sizes

Mattress Upgrade options
Any size
Memory Foam Orthopedic Sprung
Full Memory Foam
Pocket 1000
Pocket 2000
Memory Pocket Pillow top

Divan bed is one of the well liked and in demand bed types. It is also known as ‘divan bed’ ‘divan set’ or ‘divan’, it is a complete bed and mattress package. The divan beds consist of two parts: a divan base and matching mattress but no footboard or headboard.

Base of the divan bed is made up from athletic wood that is covered by different colors and a staff of fabric. It normally stands on castors or wheels for movability of one place to another. The base of divan bed is twin with a mattress and designed to work together that provide a restful night's sleep.

The divan beds are glance like a long low sofa without back and arms. It has the ultra-modern storage solution. It’s frame have typically underbed drawers to enlarge the floor space. The divan beds are consummate for those family that wants supplementary storage space. It is suitable for busy family homes or for those family who have smaller bedroom space.

What is the Best Divan Base

There are two types of divan support base options: “platform top base” and “sprung divan base”.

Platform Top Base

The platform top base is also known as “hard top” or “boarded top”, it is made up of solid timber frame that does not contain springs. It has a supportive surface for the mattress. The platform top divan base is more stocky platform for your mattress than sprung divan base and available at a cheap price. This type of base is suitable for those families who are looking for these attributes.

> A firm bed
> Higher levels of support for your back
> A complementary bed for your orthopaedic mattress
> Great value for money

Sprung Divan Base

Sprung divan base is assembled by using springs. It is more flexible,comfortable and supportive base. It’s flexibility gives more for your mattresses as compared to platform top base. The flexibility of the sprung divan base extends the life of your mattress. It is slightly expensive as compared to the platform top base.

Although most of our divan base is come with a mattress, we do have options that allow you to choose the bed base and mattress separately. These bases are available in a range of styles, color, sizes (Single, Double, king, Super King) and storage options.

1) Classic Divan Base
2) Luxury Divan Base
3) Luxury Ottoman Divan Base
4) Sleepeezee Divan Base
5) Silentnight Divan Base
6) Guest Divan Base
7) Signature Divan Base
8) Therapure Divan Base
9) Flaxby Sprung Divan Base
10) Therapur Ottoman Glide Base
11) Classic Ottoman Base
12) Silentnight Ottoman Base

Which Type of Mattress is Best for our Divan Base

It depends on whether the customer wants to purchase a complete matching mattress divan set or divan base only, If you already have the mattress and desire a new bed, You can purchase base only.

These are the different mattress and divan bed sets you can choose from.


The optimum in sleep support. The orthopaedic mattress and divan beds are best if you're desire for extra support for your back restful sleep.

Standard Sprung

The standard sprung mattresses and divan beds are a best all-over choice. The quality of mattress is steel rod edge, which surrounds the springs, that provides edge-to-edge support and extra sleeping space.

Pocket Sprung

A pocket sprung mattress and divan bed provides premium, tailored support that works in harmony with your movements throughout the night, with no "roll-off" or "roll-together". Pocket springs move independently, preventing the transfer of movement between you and your partner.

Memory Foam

This type of divan provides you a blissful night's sleep with a fantastic range of memory foam divan beds. Memory foam divan beds are leading brands including Silentnight, Myers, Sealy and more. Complete with a range of storage options, sizes and headboards you can build your perfect divan bed.


The latex divan bed and mattress is phenomenally flexible for your body's movements and supplies soothing pressure point relief. This type of divan mattress softly configures to your back bounces and gives quickly exceptional support. Latex divan mattress shape provides years of luxurious comfort.