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How to Assemble a Corner Sofa in Five Steps

What are Assembly Sofas

Sofas that you can quickly assemble by yourself at home are known as self-assembly couches. As a result, you won’t have to worry about getting your sofa through doors, upstairs, or around corners. The flat-pack sofas will arrive in some boxes that you can simply take into the space where you wish to put the sofa.

Never before has moving homes or assembling flat-pack furniture been so simple! Because you will be assembling the sofa yourself and there is a guarantee that it will fit, you need not worry that it won’t. No tools are required because everything fits together without the use of tools, hard lifting, or any special DIY abilities. Additionally, because our sofas are completely modular, adjustable, and customizable, you may alter them into whatever shape and design you like. 

All of our sofas can be quickly and easily put together in just four simple steps. Whichever Sofa you have, the detailed procedure below will function precisely the same. Nevertheless, if your sofa is a corner sofa, you will need to go through each step again for every piece.

Assembling A Corner Sofa

Assembling A Corner Sofa

When your sofa arrives, you can completely unpack it and check each part. You need to plan adequately because it is clear that you will need a lot of space. The size of the corner couch you ordered is the only difference in the assembly instructions. When you have all the equipment and supplies ready, you may start assembling the corner pieces of upholstered furniture. 

It is important to remember that the mechanism included in the furniture’s design has an impact on the assembly process itself. It is preferable to leave the work to experts when a system has too many small, moving elements. As a result, you will spare yourself from blunders that could seriously damage newly upholstered furniture.

Step 1: The first step is to put the base uprights together. They can be fitted together without the use of any equipment to create a rectangular foundation while standing upright. The middle struts are then coupled with the front and rear spacers. Insert the legs of the sofa clockwise into the platform. Before standing up, be sure that each leg is firmly secured in place. 

Step 2: Arm coverings over the arms as you fit them. While some wrangling is required to get them to fit, they will eventually do so, and your sofa will start to take shape. Both arms should be slid into the guided fits. Align the right metal fixings on the platform with the left plastic fasteners on the arms. Once in place, firmly press down to secure.

Step 3: Fit the back support boards with the covers in place. You will need two support boards for a two-seat sofa, and so on up to a five-seater. Regardless of the size of the sofa, you must do this for both sections of a corner sofa. Place the backrest by lowering it. Align the fixings while maintaining the level of the backrest. Apply pressure to the arms at the same moment and fix them into position. 

Step 4: The seatboards and cushions need to be put in. Again, you have to fiddle with the boards to fill the seat cushions before you can zip them up. 

Step 5: Finally Add the cushions for complete comfort. It’s time to put your feet up now.

Assembling the Corner Sofa’s Component Parts

The first step is to secure the sofa’s arms. Because you agreed on orientation when you ordered the sofa, the arm will only fit one way, so tighten the bolts and attach the arm in the proper spot with a spanner. Then, elevate each component about 10cm to find the bracket that connects the parts. Lower the portion to lock it into the bracket, and you will know when it is properly positioned. Repeat if there are more than two portions to connect. 

You must now locate the sofa where it is supposed to be left. You will need assistance since you must raise each part together rather than pull it, as this can harm the brackets and connections.

Tips for Safety and Care

  1. Verify you have all the necessary equipment and parts.
  2. Take everything out of the plastic bags and group the items. 
  3. Keep animals and children away from the work area because swallowing small parts could cause choking. 
  4. Before beginning, make sure you have enough room to arrange the parts.
  5. When assembling the product, avoid standing or placing weight on it because this could lead to damage.
  6. Build the piece in the same room as where it will ultimately be placed.
  7. Set up on a level, soft area to prevent scratching the bench or your flooring.
  8. Using two persons will make some of the assembly easier.
  9. As using a power drill or driver to insert screws could harm the device, we do not advise doing so. Use hand screwdrivers only.
  10. Dispose of all packaging responsibly and with care.


It is best to prepare all of the tools needed for upholstered furniture assembly ahead of time. If all the devices are at reach, the master will not have to squander time in vain, hurrying about in quest of the necessary object. Even if you consider yourself a skilled craftsperson and are confident in your talents, you must study the accompanying documentation that comes with the factory-upholstered furniture. These publications outline many of the design and assembly elements of sofas. Assembling a product without knowing all of the nuances can be difficult, time-consuming, and not always productive.

If you build a corner couch with your own hands, you should think about the material it is constructed of. If you are unsure of your abilities or are frightened of ruining a fresh new 6-seater corner sofa, it is best to entrust its assembly to professionals. You shouldn’t take such a big risk with a new purchase.

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