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How to Fix a Broken Divan Bed Base – A Complete Guide

As we already discuss good health is joined with good sleep and for peaceful night sleep comfortable and solid divan bases is essential. The solid and best divan bases are not cheap when they are damaged, so we need to know how to repair it and how we can save our money. It is not easy to get in and out of the room as they usually come as a whole part that can’t be deconstructed to fit through a doorway.

Its very important to know for the owner of divan bed base how to repair it, because it’s too hard to purchase divan base again and again and spent huge amount at any small damage and default. If you ever come in problem, our article helps you to fix a broken divan bed base and about the tools that we need to repair it.

Collapse in Divan Bed Bases

No doubt divan beds are well known beds due to their durable bases, but divan bed bases can also be damaged. There are many types of damages that can occur in divan bed bases, one of them often is collapsing.

Collapse occurs when interior slating of the divan bed base becomes weak and starts caving inwardly, creating a dip in the main bed shelf. This can be caused due to 

  • When large amount of weight is place on that side
  • When excessive force is applied on bed like falling and jumping
  • Age of bed

If you tend to sleep on the same side of your mattress each night it also weakens that side of your divan bed more quicker than other sides. Its could also cause collapse in the divan bed base.

Types of Damage

There are two types of areas in divan bed base where damages can be occur

  • Shelf 
  • drawer

Yes, the shelf and drawer are the  two main part of divan bed. The process of fixing the divan bed is depending upon the area that you are selecting for fixing. Generally speaking fixing a divan bed base is not require you to become a pro overnight and most of tools that are needed are probably already set around in your shed somewhere. If the base of your divan bed is damage. You must put your hand on the sheet of wood.

Methods of Repairing Divan Bed Base

There are different method of repairing divan bed base that depend upon which type of damage occurs.

How to Fix Headboard of Divan Bed

  • Mostly the headboard of the divan bed base is simply detachable. If your divan headboard has looses or is creaking then you simply need to tighten the screws that attached with bed base.
  • If your headboard experiences major damage then you need to select the replacement option. For this firstly you need to take the measurement of the width of divan frame and decided the height of the headboard of divan to be, also decide color and material of divan bed. Then visit the nearest furniture store to select the headboard that suits and according to your divan bed base (also visiting online store to choose headboard).
  • Once you find a headboard that suits your divan, then you need to attach it with the main base. To do this you need firstly attach the headboard struts with a main board. So that it can  be easily attached to the divan base. You should align the two holes on struts to the holes in the headboard. Sometimes headboard holes are hidden in fabric. Then you need to run your finger to find these.
  • Next, you need to attach the board with the base. Many divans have readily made bolt holes in their design. So you must locate these before starting to attach new headboard. Once you find the base holes. Then you can easily pierce the divan fabric and screw your headboard in place.

How to Fix a Collapsed Bed Frame

Easiest way to fix a collapsed divan bed frame is to insert a plywood on the top of the slats of the bed frame. This will provide extra support for your mattress. It will help out your divan to run longer and hold the weight in a better way. In this process you simply take off the mattress, take off the plywood and put your mattress back in its place.

How to Fix a Broken Divan Bed Drawer

  •  Like the headboard, the divan bed drawer is also detachable so these are easily fixed if damaged. It depends upon the damage to your divan drawer sometimes it requires a small amount of glue and repair is done.
  • If the sides of the drawer are broken then you may need to buy the wooden panel to make new ones that can be do this firstly take the measurement of the panel that is broken and also note down  the holes. Grooves and attachments that the drawer may have. You can ask a carpenter bed specialist to supply you with the required parts.
  • You can repair your drawer by using these parts.

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