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Paint a Wooden Sleigh Bed Frame to Transform it

To modernize the beds, the beds should be painted in an unusual color. Traditional sleigh beds are made of black wood. A dark tone is considered a classic and ensures a rustic interior. So if you want to reduce this antique feeling, you need to choose soft tones like pastel and neutral colors. You can choose from our painted sleigh beds which are available in different colors as well as beautiful colored fabrics.

Colors to Modernize a Sleigh Bed

Popular colors for painting a sleigh bed include soft lilac and pink colors, chenille, gray, mint, sky blue, and white. Brighter colors such as red, yellow, orange, burgundy, and cobalt blue do not work well with sleigh beds, because of the limitations when trying to match them to a bedroom’s style and other furnishings. But bright colors can work well in a child’s bed. Chocolate, burgundy, and dark brown give the furniture an old look, so we offer modern colors for painting sleigh beds that are soft lavender, dried sage, sea glass, white linen, and manatee gray.

How to Paint A Sleigh Bed With Modern Colors

Remove Everything from the Bed

Remove all sheets, pillows, stuffed toys, and mattresses from your bed. If you have a box spring, remove it too. Store everything in plastic bags and cover with a drop sheet to protect the floor.

Clean the bed frame 

Simply clean the bed frame with water and soap or with alcohol. Then sand the frame with sandpaper to remove any damaged layers of wood and ensure its surface is as smooth as possible for a polished look.

Add a Primer or an Undercoat

Add a primer or undercoat to paint the wood sleigh bed, so that the paint stays on the wood. The primer should go on bare wood, while the undercoat should go on wood with finish. You can add different types of finishes after painting your sleigh bed such as glossy, satin, or eggshell paint. 

Paint the Bed Frame

Once the undercoat or primer is dry, choose a color and paint the bed using a quality paintbrush, or a foam roller to eliminate streaking. You may have to put on several coats to achieve the desired color and coverage. Make sure you choose the right specialty paint for specific applications, depending on the material your sleigh bed is made of.

Apply Wax

It will seal the paint and prevent debris and water from escaping. It will also protect the painted surface from scratches and chips. Apply the wax in small portions. Be sure to use a brush separate from the one you are using for painting.

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