How to Put Headboard on Divan Bed in 6 Simple Steps

Headboard is a very dominant part of a bed which increases the beauty of your bed. Securing a new or existing headboard with a bed is a relatively simple task. In most occurrences, headboards are rooted to the bed with bolts that screw into the divan base before passing through struts, holes, or slots on the headboard.

Many searchers want to know how to attach a headboard to a bed. We have put information about attaching the headboard to a frame. If you want to make your bed frame more efficient and smart by attaching a headboard. So, how to fit the headboard into the divan bed? Read on for proper guidelines on attaching the headboard to your divan bed

Securing a headboard with a divan bed is very simple. You need a screwdriver to help you attach the headboard to a frame. Follow these six easy steps and you can fix it to your bed in just five minutes or even less.

Tools Need to Secure a Headboard

  • Bolts (4 or 8)
  • Washers (8 or 16)
  • Nuts (4 or 8)
  • Wrenches (2)
  • Adapter plates (2, optional)

1. Attach the Legs to the Headboard

First of all, screw the headboard struts into the headboard itself. Commonly, the producers will have already drilled two holes into the struts. You need to place the two holes in each strut with the holes in the headboard.

You’ll find the headboard holes under the fabric. Run your finger slowly over the back of the headboard to locate them. Then pierce a small hole in the fabric with a screwdriver and securely attach the struts to the headboard with the screws the producers have provided.

2. Perceive the Holes Previously Drilled Into the Bed Base

The large bolt holes will be invisible below the fabric and you’ll need to find these first before you attach the headboard.

Many producers make it easy for you to find the holes, by adding stickers to the base. Unfortunately, not all of them do this, so you may just have to run your finger up and down the back of the base to find the bolt holes.

3. Penetrate the Bed Base Fabric

Penetrate the fabric with your screwdriver and then you can screw the bolt in next.

4. Spike the Bolt into the Hole

Spike the bolt into the hole. Leave about 4 cm of thread manifest. Repeat this process with the second bolt.

5. Slide the Headboard onto the Bolt Screws

Slide the headboard onto the uncovered part in the middle of the bed and the bolt, using the pinpoint ends of the struts. When each strut is in the right position, tighten the bolts to secure the headboard firmly between the bed base and the bolt.

6. Balance the Headboard to the Accurate Height

The foot of the headboard should sit at the top of the mattress. If you want to balance the height of your headboard, just loosen the bolts and lift the headboard to the height you want it. Then harden the bolts again.

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